Trick or Treat Times Ahead

The applications for this years Trick or Treat neighbourhood close in two weeks.  If you have been contemplating it now would be the time to get in and get it done.  Same goes for the bloggers.  At the top of the page you will see the links to the application pages.  Simply fill in a few details and it’s done.

For all you Trick or Treaters eager to get in and grab some goodies for your bags on halloween, make sure to check the Stores List page to see if your favourite merchant is participating.  Make a list of who you HAVE TO visit when you do.

Can’t wait to see you all for halloween in your costumes.

Rawrs ^^0^^

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Applications are open

If you would like to join in the fun and have your store at the Trick or Treat neighbourhood, just visit the STORE APPLICATION page and fill in the quick form.  We have some of the previous stores returning from the previous Trick or Treat event and we’d love to see some new faces too.

Bring on Halloween ^^o^^

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Trick or Treat, Oct 26th – Nov 2nd

Trick or Treat Neighbourhood is back

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SL Trick or Treat Returns

Calling all creators young and old, scary and crazy, flamboyant and fashionable.  Halloween is just around the corner and SL needs a neighbourhood for the kids to go Trick or Treating in.

This event will be a sim wide deal with mini house-front stalls set up for the children to wander and get their tricks or treats. The sim will be open from October 26th to November 2nd to give everyone a chance to come and visit. Set up will be from October 19th to October 23rd with a few days for final decorations and checking all stores before opening.

So what’s the cause?, who are we donating to?, what’s it cost? I hear you all asking. There is no agenda apart from a fun time for all. There is a small donation of $150L required from stall holders to go towards sim tier and a little time and effort in putting something together for the kids. The tricks and/or treats in the neighbourhood must be given away (free items).

As this is the second time I have put this event on I will be contacting all previous participants and offering them a return place first. Placement is strictly first in first placed. There are no “sponsor spots” or anything of the like. I will be allocating store spaces based on date/time of application and payment received (please do not make your payment until you have had your spot confirmed. You then have until October 1st to make your payment).

============= ﺴ۩ ۩ﺴ ===============

The important details:

– Each stall will be allocated a set amount of prims. This will be advised as soon as store numbers are calculated.

– You can give away as many tricks or treats as you like. You will be given pre textured boxes (1 for tricks and 1 for treats) for you to place your items in. All tricks / treats on the sim MUST be placed in the Trick or Treat boxes so they are easily found by visitors. Once prims have been allocated and advised you may use up the remainder of your prims with decorations and / or items for sale as long as they fit the halloween theme.

– A full perm copy of your store logo must be supplied to Arora Zanzibar no later than October 18th (If your logo is alpha please be aware that I will have to mount it on a plain colour background so if you wish to do this prior and choose your own colour it would be best. Square logos are preferred). Once your street spot is allocated you will be given a house number / LM for your spot and allowed access to set up from October 19th.

– As this is aimed at Trick or Treating for children, at least ONE of your items must be suitable for children. Store owners that cater mainly for adults can also get involved but you MUST be able to supply a childrens item.

– A sign post with LM and Notecard giver will be handed out for you to place at your main / satellite store alerting your traffic to the Trick or Treat neighbourhood. As well as a texture for you to place on your store blogs, group notices etc.

============= ﺴ۩ ۩ﺴ ===============

Link to applications will be posted up shortly once all previous merchants have been invited.

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